Marc Olson

I retired from the paper industry in 2018 after working as a mechanical engineer and project manager. I enjoy reading, turning wood, boating, and golfing when I have energy. My favorite place to spend time is at our family beach house at the Puget Sound with friends and family. 

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Bradley Olson

I am a recent graduate from University of Puget Sound where I studied math and computer science. I am interested in working in virtual reality game development. I love to read, rock climb, hike, and hang out with friends. 

Leah Olson

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I study politics at Willamette University. I have spent college working on innovative education and corrections based policy to better Oregon for young people. I am happiest when I am learning, in nature, or with my loved ones. 

 Meet the Olson Family

I am a board member for Family Promise of Tualatin Valley. I help coordinate volunteers to ultimately help homeless families regain their independence. In my free time I enjoy gardening, photography, and spending time with friends and family. 

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After completing degrees in physics and electrical engineering at Whitworth University and Washington University in St. Louis, I went to work for Virgin Galactic. I design and test electronics to enable commercial space tourism. I enjoy scuba diving, reading, and solving puzzles.

On February 5th of this year, my dad (Marc) was diagnosed with ALS. It has always been a dream of mine to run my first marathon with him, as he has run a total of 35 marathons. I have decided to run the Portland Marathon to raise money for the ALS Association. Although dad will not be physically running the marathon, his fight against ALS is a marathon all the same.


The funding and subsequent advancement of innovative science and technology is our best shot at beating this terrible disease. Please show your support by donating online, by mail, or on Venmo [details can be found here]. 


Let's outrun ALS!

Love, Leah  


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),

or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive

disease that causes damage to cells (motor neurons)

in the brain and spinal cord. Motor neurons

transmit signals from the brain to the muscles. When motor

neurons become damaged and eventually die, the brain can no

longer control the muscles. The motor neurons affected in

ALS are those associated with voluntary movements, so persons with ALS may lose their ability to speak, eat, move, and breathe.

There is no cure, only treatments to slow the rate of progression. The incidence of ALS is two per 100,000 people. Stephen Hawking is possibly the most well known person who lived with ALS. 

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Marc's Treatment Plan

To combat the aggressive effects of this disease, Marc has used the power of positivity and research to create a personal treatment plan. His regimen includes acupuncture, massage, healthful eating, supplement intake, mindfulness practices, sleep, and exercise.


Marc is also one of 200 participants in the world in

BrainStorm's NurOwn phase three clinical trial. This

exciting treatment uses the individuals own stem cells to help maintain the health and function of the motor neurons.  

About ALS

Vitamins and pills
Meditation by the Sea