Running to defeat ALS

Running Through ALS


Marc ran,

for the freedom of it,

for the achievement in it,

for the love of it.


He sprang on powerful legs,

muscle extending effortlessly like a finely tuned machine, footfalls light on pavement, dirt, and grass.


Running around the nation,

he saw the world with great independence.

Running in competition,

he saw the extent of his endurance.

Running in Boston,

he saw the fruit of perseverance.


He now faces resolutely the fight, of ALS,

battling infirmity, disability, and doubt.

Through sheer force of will, he shall press, his spirit sustains till good wins out.


Marc started this race strong.

His drive alone would suffice were it not so long.

Each day is for him a new marathon,

but with all our support he can carry on.


There running beside him is a dogged pack, of those also carrying ALS on their backs.

They plod forward with spirit and fire within, but without our aid they cannot win.

They hit the runners wall long ago,

and with each new day their exhaustion grows.


Our support, medical, physical, emotional, lets them bring their best, supply them the means to run through ALS.

WRITTEN BY: Bradley Olson